We’re Pregnant!

OK it may be a little early to be shouting it from the rooftops but we are so relieved after a scare that I’ll explain shortly that we just can’t keep it in any more!

Yes we are pregnant! We did a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago and it was confirmed. We called the GP next day and booked in to see them the following Monday.


Angela started spotting the Thursday before we were due to see the GP and it continued for the majority of the weekend. At this point we had convinced ourselves that we had lost the baby and both were feeling a really strange feeling of loss – but both telling each other it will be OK.

Viability Test

We visited the GP who sent us straight to hospital for a viability test (horrible title). Its basically a scan to see if baby is in there / heart is beating.


When I saw the little heart beating and looking really strong I had an overwhelming feeling of relief. Everything was fine. We were told we were about 6 weeks pregnant.

Our Pregnancy Diary Week By Week

I’ll be posting each week in our pregnancy diary to share our thoughts and experiences with you. I’ll also be uploading a scan video of bump every week so you can watch our baby grow with us!

7 Weeks Pregnant Scan Video



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