Baby’s First Calendar



Baby’s first calendar is an A1 Size wall calendar you fill in to mark and remember baby’s first year milestones. Included in the keepsake tube is a fill set of 50+ stickers and an inbuilt thermometer.

Everything you need for the journey through baby’s first year. Once the year is over you can roll it back up and store it in the keepsake tube. Then look back on in the years to come.

Ideal to place in baby’s nursery where the thermometer will let you know how warm or cool their room is. Also as you will spend a lot of time in and out of their room you will be reminded to keep the calendar up to date. No more need for keepsake books you forget to fill in.

There is space in the corner for a birth photo and one when they reach a year old. Free UK Postage

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Weight 260 kg