Welcome to Baby’s First Calendar!

 We produce a unique baby wall calendar keepsake to capture your baby’s first milestones.  We believe everything a baby does is special and deserves to be recorded and cherished for years to come.  With over 50 colourful stickers no moments/achievements during baby’s first year need ever be missed. We hope you love our unique keepsake calendar as much as we do!!!

Free postage is for UK only.

Your Baby’s First Year Will Be Amazing

EVERYTHING they do will be a special MILESTONE and the first time they have EVER done it.

Record it

Your baby’s first year will be over before you know it – ever heard the expression “they grow so fast”?

Cherish It

Look back with your child when they are older and share the special moments.

Use Baby’s First Calendar

Baby record books, Baby memory books and baby journals are time consuming to write and more often than not forgotten about after a few weeks – even by parents with the best intentions to complete.

Quick & Easy!

Your baby comes home from the hospital, First bath, Crawls for the first time, Says Mumma, Cuts their first tooth – use the included stickers to quickly and easily record all these and many more!