7 Months Pregnant


7 Months Pregnant Woman RelaxingWelcome to your third trimester!

Very soon your role as a mum-to-be to be will be replaced by the role of mummy and you are now in the final stages of your pregnancy. As worry seeps in about the journey to come find time to talk to your partner or husband about your feelings. It will help you both bond as well as give him an insight into what you are going through. Keeping a diary can also help alleviate those fears as your due date approaches.



Your body will soon be doing a very efficient job of telling you to rest and relax as those aches and pains get worse.

Your bambino is also preparing you for the night feeds to come by kicking you vigorously when you are trying to sleep but it gives the man in your life a chance to feel their son or daughter move and share in the excitement that this stage brings. It is wise now to check you have everything ready in case Junior makes an early appearance.

Even healthy babies arrive early so believe me it is never too soon to pack that hospital bag – its far better to be well prepared early on. You will need a well fitted infant car seat as no hospital can allow you to take baby home without one, and the police won’t look upon it favorably either.

Hospital Visit

This is also a good time to visit your hospital as many offer tours of the maternity suite. This helps familiarize you with the best entrance to rush to as well as giving you a feel for the care you will receive whilst there. Don’t be alarmed if you start experiencing palpitations or shortness of breath, this is merely caused your heart working overtime to pump extra blood for the baby. Just take time to stop and relax for a while before resuming activity.

Glucose Screening

This month the doctor may well do a glucose screening test for gestational diabetes. After drinking a high sugar fizzy drink and giving it time to absorb the doctor will then take some blood and test it. If it comes back high then you may well have to have further tests but generally the results will be fine.

Braxton Hicks

If this is your first pregnancy then you may be surprised to get tiny twinges in your belly. Such twinges are called Braxton Hicks and are simply mild practice contractions when the uterus prepares for delivery. They are perfectly normal and believe me you will know when the real ones take over, though for ‘first-timers’ it is easy to get Braxton Hicks mixed up with the real thing.

You may need to invest in some breast pads as your enlarged breasts may start leaking colostrums, the first milk that contains all the nutrients for your newborn. They are fairly inexpensive and available at most pharmacies.


Your Baby

By the end of the month Bambino will be about 16 inches long and weigh up to 3 pounds. The soft downy hair that covered the skin is now gone and his or her hair is starting to grow. The body is well formed and pink and smooth and eyelashes and eyebrows have developed so they truly look like a newborn.

Babies’ eyes have now opened and nails have reached the tops of the fingers and toes. Some babies may already have turned upside down in preparation for Destination Big Wide World and as it gets more cramped inside her home he or she may well not be moving so much.

If winter is imminent think about having the flue and swine flue jabs to protect your baby, talk to your midwife or Doctor about this.


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