6 Months Pregnant

; 6 Months Pregnant Woman ExercisingYou might at this point convince yourself that you have a whole three months left to prepare but be assured, this remaining time really will fly by – and you only have three months left if you go to full term – baby will decide when to arrive, and even with trouble free pregnancies, baby can arrive early. This is the time to look at antenatal classes particularly if this is your first pregnancy, it is a great place to make new friends as well as a perfect time for you and your husband to bond during this amazing time – classes aren’t for everyone so don’t feel any guilt if you’d rather not! You should have lost sight of your feet now so if you didn’t get a photograph of them then you will just have to wait I am afraid until your delightful 9 (10) months are over. ;


That dreaded weight gain will up momentum in the next few weeks to prepare Junior for life outside the womb. This means that those scales will start showing a gain of about one pound a week. There are some women who are lucky enough to have escaped the need for maternity wear but the 6th month will surely herald a new wardrobe. With more celebrity mums in the glossy magazines there are a lot more choices of clothing out there, which is nice for those that still want to spend time on appearances! A hot water bottle or heating pad will become your new best friend now as that extra weight starts having an effect on your back and legs. Potassium and calcium rich foods are helpful too so get eating those bananas with a glass of milk. Your uterus is now 11/2 -21/2 inches above your belly button and is the size of a basketball. With all this stretching comes itchy skin so having long nails can be extremely useful! That said, try to apply cream to itchy skin and speak to your midwife, severe itchiness can be diagnosed properly though most women will not experience any itching at all. If you have had indigestion and heartburn I am sorry to say but these will get worse as your uterus pushes your stomach upwards and you may find constipation and bloating an unpleasant side effect. Try to include plenty of fibre in your diet to help things along. Anxiety about the baby and the impending birth may fill your thoughts and interrupt your sleep so try to focus on the positive elements such as preparing the nursery (naturally I recommend you Buy a Baby’s First Calendar!) and buying baby clothes. If sleep is uncomfortable then bear these few tips in mind. It is best to try to sleep on your side rather than your back. This is because being on your back means the weight of your uterus puts increased pressure on the main vein that returns blood from the legs to the heart. It is generally believed that the left side is better for the baby and if you like sleeping on your back this can be disruptive in itself. Try putting a pillow between your knees, this is a lot more comfortable and also helps with any hip pain. You can purchase special sleep pillows for pregnancy. They are long and thin and shaped to fit between your knees then under your bump and chest to support your whole body. Bliss! ;

Your Baby

Your little one is extremely active now and is already practicing walking by peddling its feet which is great fun if it is aimed right at the cervix! Those strong vocal chords that will produce that all important first cry at birth are well developed now and its hands are fully formed although the nerves still have a long way to go. The blood vessels of the lungs are developing and the nostrils begin to open. If you and your husband or partner talk to the bump now then chances are your baby will recognise your voices due to the maturing of the brain cells and the hardening of the inner ear bones. It is a great comfort to know that if Junior was born now they would have a good chance of survival with the help of intensive care. ;


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