5 Months Pregnant

Woman Has 5 Months Pregnant ScanAs you approach the halfway point in this amazing journey, those aches and pains will begin to become more noticeable. Your baby will start developing its senses this month and you will soon be able to find out whether the nursery will be blue or pink!



Nausea now gives way to new pains and you may find yourself waddling like a penguin as your hips get wider due to stretched ligaments. If increased pelvic pain becomes an issue talk to the pregnancy guru as your midwife can refer you to a physiotherapist if things get really severe.

20 Week Scan

The 20 week scan is astounding. You will be amazed at how in depth it is and just how well trained the sonographer is to find and show you the babies limbs, digits and other features.

As before be prepared to fill your tank with water to help the sonographer see the position of the baby. This time the screen will show the same image as the first scan but the sonographer can then zoom in and view the baby’s organs in more detail.

He or she will look at the development of the heart, brain, lungs and spine and check for any abnormalities. One amazing thing to note is when a button is pressed and it shows the baby’s circulation in blue and red – truly fascinating. She will probably also check the position of the bambino and the placenta.

Sometimes, if the placenta is found to be low lying or a specific thing cannot be seen at this appointment, you may be scheduled for a third scan further into.

Finally most hospitals will ask you whether you want to know the sex of your baby. Some couples like it to be a surprise, for others knowing if it will be a William or a Kate can mean useful preparation and a chance to bond with your bump.

As stretch marks become more of an issue, make sure you spend time rubbing a good cream into your belly and breasts as this can help avoid the dreaded train lines later on! Bio Oil is particularly good though it can be a little pricey, baby oil rubbed in twice a day after a shower (when the skin is still moist so it absorbs it) is a less expensive option.


Your Baby

Despite being 5 months pregnant your little one still only weighs a fraction of their birth weight and from now on they will begin to put on the equivalent of 2oz a week as they lay down ligament, muscle and fat.

Her skin looks like she is covered in a white version of Vaseline. This is called vernix and works in the same way that grease does on a cross channel swimmer’s body by protecting the fragile skin from drying out whilst floating in the amniotic fluid.

With the senses all well developed now your bundle of joy can hear your voice and may even respond to certain types of music, classical is supposed to be especially popular. The bambino is also sensitive to light; if you were to shine a torch at your stomach, your baby would turn their head away.

If you could see inside you would see him or her blowing bubbles and yawning and any hiccups are very noticeable, if you watch your belly you can see little movements, great entertainment!

With all the excitement, make sure you take time for some R & R as your energy levels are likely to drop as you approach the final trimester. Look into ways to relax, maybe find out if there is a yoga class for expectant mums or go swimming, this will help you to relax when it comes to the birth.


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