2 Months Pregnant

Midwife AppointmentEight weeks have passed since you saw that all important positive test result and already many changes are taking place in both you and your bundle of joy.

At the two months stage, this will be the time that you will probably see the pregnancy guru – yes, your Midwife.



Your husband or partner may roll their eyes at the word ‘hormone’, but now that you are carrying a baby your hormones have probably never been more obvious. The high levels of hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin), which is produced in pregnant ladies and found in your bloodstream, will rise to a peak and then decline during the middle of the month.

Your up and coming bump may not be too obvious at the two month stage, but your ever increasing waistline is! This is not always a sign you yourself are putting on weight and is a normal occurrence during pregnancy – some ladies experience waist expansion long before a sticky out tummy. Some women will begin to experience a change in their skin and hair.

Whether you are lucky enough to miss the morning sickness side or not, one thing at 2 months pregnant that will be noticeable is how shattered you feel. Just walking the dog can knock you for six but getting that fresh air and light exercise is an absolute must. However, when you consider how much harder your body is working it really isn’t surprising that you feel tired.

Other symptoms that may be plaguing you are frequent headaches, using the bathroom constantly and slower digestion (this means there will be an increase in heartburn and indigestion, affecting lots of pregnant ladies).

First Midwife Appointmet

One of the first real signs that your pregnancy is underway will be your first antenatal appointment. The midwife will be there for you throughout your pregnancy and will be well equipped to handle the emotional as well as physical rollercoaster of the coming months. She will give you your green pregnancy notes and go through them with you.

Your notes will include your family medical history so that anything vital is not missed. They will carry every detail of your pregnancy and must be carried with the mother at all times in case of emergency. You should expect the notes to end up looking a bit worn as many of us ladies will use our handbags to store them in but the essential thing is that they can be viewed by a doctor at any time.

If you have ever been scared of needles then pregnancy is an ideal cure for your phobia. Your midwife will take some blood at this first appointment to check your blood group, immunity to rubella, any infections such as HIV and iron levels.

If you are unlucky enough to have Rhesus negative blood, and are needle phobic, then you may be in for a real treat! Rhesus negative blood grouping means that if your baby is rhesus positive then your body will react against it. It isn’t so dangerous in your first pregnancy, however three injections of the anti-D serum will assure you that future pregnancies will not be put at risk. In addition to this, blood tests will be carried out.

At this stage of pregnancy, your midwife will continue to check your blood pressure to make sure it isn’t high, as well as testing your urine for proteins which could indicate a condition known as pre-eclampsia.

Get used to walking around with empty sample bottles in your pockets; it is great fun / shameful (delete as necessary) when they fall out when trying to find your purse!

The midwife will also explain any benefits that you are entitled to and book you in for your first scan. As you get further into the pregnancy you will see the midwife more frequently and with the amount of questions inside your head that is not a bad thing.


Your Baby

Remember those small red kidney beans you put into your cooking well that’s how big Junior is now as the second month gets underway.

Your baby now measures about one inch from crown to rump and the little tail that made it look like a tadpole will disappear by the end of the month.

With its extremely thin skin the various veins are clearly visible and limbs are beginning to develop. Now divided into two chambers the little pulsing heart is beating away and is pumping efficiently now.

The baby makes little jerking movements but they are not obvious to mum and the placenta is steadily forming to take over the vital job of delivering nutrients to the child.


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