Pregnancy Stages

During each of the 9 Pregnancy Stages both you and your baby will go though many changes.

Each of our Pregnancy Stages articles below will offer a free resource to discover exactly what is happening with you and your baby.

1 Month Pregnant

Pregnancy Test at 1 Month PregnantYou are 1 month pregnant, congratulations! It is amazing to think that you have already been carrying Junior for 4 weeks even though you may be just experiencing pregnancy symptoms now. Your little one will probably measure about 3mm long and whether it will be an Einstein or not, its brain and central nervous
system…[1 Month Pregnant – Read More]

2 Months Pregnant

Midwife Appointment

Eight weeks have passed since you saw that all important positive test result and already many changes are taking place in both you and your bundle of joy. At the two months stage, this will be the time that you will probably see the pregnancy guru – yes, your Midwife – and get that magical… [2 Months Pregnant – Read More]


3 Months Pregnant

3 months Pregnant Woman Holding First Scan PictureWell, now the all important 12 weeks is finally here, and if you found out early on about your pregnancy then this wait will have seemed like a lifetime! You are now at the end of the first trimester so if you want to go and shout the news out to your loved ones, friends,… [3 Months Pregnant – Read More]

 4 Months Pregnant

4 Months Pregnant Lots of Fruit and VegThe fourth month of pregnancy brings with it the first flutters of movement. Still a very exciting time and lots of things are happening to you and your baby. And with your ever expanding bump you will have to make sure you make the most of the sight of your toes! Activities such as putting… [4 Months Pregnant – Read More]

5 Months Pregnant

Woman Has 5 Months Pregnant ScanAs you approach the halfway point in this amazing journey, those aches and pains will begin to become more noticeable. Your baby will start developing its senses this month and you will soon be able to find out whether the nursery will be blue or pink!   Mum-To-Be Nausea now gives way to new pains… [5 Months Pregnant – Read More]


6 Months Pregnant

6 Months Pregnant Woman ExercisingYou might at this point convince yourself that you have a whole three months left to prepare but be assured, this remaining time really will fly by – and you only have three months left if you go to full term – baby will decide when to arrive, and even with trouble free pregnancies, baby… [6 Months Pregnant – Read More]


7 Months Pregnant

7 Months Pregnant Woman RelaxingWelcome to your third trimester! Very soon your role as a mother to be will be replaced by the role of mummy and you are now in the final stages of your pregnancy. As worry seeps in about the journey to come find time to talk to your partner or husband about your feelings. It… [7 Months Pregnant – Read More]


8 Months Pregnant

Mum & Dad Hold 8 Months Pregnant BumpSo, if you were running a race in the 2012 Olympics this month would be the “homestretch” now. You and your beautiful new baby are very soon going to be a lot better acquainted and these last few weeks can seem the longest in your life. We’ve talked about babies being early, however they can… [9 Months Pregnant – Read More]


9 Months Pregnant

9 Months Pregant BumpThis amazing journey called pregnancy is coming to an end and if you do consider yourself to have a ‘bun in the oven’ then the timer is about to go off as you near the due date. Although we think about it being 9 months it is actually measured in weeks, 40 weeks to be… [9 Months Pregnant – Read More]



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