Sex In Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

When you realise that you have this tiny life growing inside you, it is common to worry about the effects that sexual intercourse may have on junior.

Is having sex during pregnancy safe?

Your head will be filled with worries even if your body is full of hormones. It can be a stressful time for couples who have preciously enjoyed a good sex life.

Will pressure on the womb hurt our little one?

The idea of someone putting any weight near to your bump is a frightening concept but don’t worry. Your bambino is well equipped with its own air bag, if you like.

Surrounding the baby is a sac of amniotic fluid that acts as a cushion for the fetus. This in turn is covered with a layer of muscles that form your stomach and the cervix is well protected with a mucus plug so it will not harm your baby at all.

Can our baby hear us?

The simple answer to this is yes but your bundle of joy won’t have a clue what is going on! Most unborn babies tend to sleep whilst the mother is active so don’t fret that junior is eavesdropping on you!

Why have I gone off sex?

Many pregnant women go through phases of not feeling very attractive. Couple this with flagging energy levels and symptoms such as morning sickness and heartburn. It is no wonder you don’t feel like romping around very much.

All women are different. You may well find that for some this only lasts a small amount of time during pregnancy. For others it can last the whole nine months. The most important thing is to communicate with your partner or spouse as they may feel concerned that you have gone off them.

Of course there is the opposite end to the spectrum. Many women actually find that they have a higher sex drive whilst carrying and enjoy the act of intercourse a lot more.

Many of the hormones that cause us a headache during the pregnancy months actually can be responsible for changes to the body. That can heighten sexual pleasure and make it a better experience for both of you.

All that blood flowing means that the breasts and vagina become swollen, leading to increased arousal, so don’t worry that you are turning into a sex maniac. Make the most of it!

Why doesn’t my partner want sex?

This is a hugely common problem between expectant parents, and if communication is not maintained that in itself can cause problems. Many men become very aware of the fact that their partner is carrying a baby and are worried about their bundle of joy being harmed by the act of sexual intercourse.

They may worry that their body weight on your ever growing bump may affect junior or that their penis may reach the baby during intercourse. Also the fact that you are pregnant may well alter his perspective of you from a lover to a mother to be. This doesn’t mean that he finds you less attractive but you must remember that he too has a lot of changes to adjust to.

Some recommended positions

There are sexual positions that are recommended as being both safe and comfortable for all three of you!

If you have been doing the missionary position before pregnancy broke out then now is the time to start experimenting with other positions. The man being on top is very difficult as they feel an extra pressure to take their weight off you and it can be quite tiring on the arms. It can also feel uncomfortable for the woman so it is time to look at other alternatives.

Some of the best ways involve the woman having control over the amount of penetration and the speed of intercourse. Woman on top is a very good position as she can control the whole process and make sure that she feels comfortable.

Another favourite is “doggy style” but again if you feel uncomfortable at any time, tell your partner or you will risk upsetting yourself – don’t forget, this is an emotional time.

One of the most recommended positions is with the woman lying on her side with the man behind her, also known as “spooning”. This means that there is no pressure at all on the bump and it is good if the woman is feeling less energetic.

If your partner or husband really can’t bring himself to risk full intercourse then mutual masturbation is just as rewarding or simply lots of cuddles together. The important thing is to communicate and try to have some kind of physical relationship as a lack of intimacy can sometimes cause problems after the birth.

Can we use sex toys when Pregnant?

If you have been used to using toys during sex then there is no reason to stop now, the main thing is to keep them clean to avoid the risk of infection. Be sure to wash them in warm soapy water, dry them thoroughly and store them in a clean place.

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